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Our physical locations are currently closed due to COVID-19.

(*Labor unions can support your course payment. / If you want to use Frístundakort for children, you have to register for at least 2 courses. (10 weeks))

*The class time doesn't suit you? Email us and let us know the desired level/what days of the week/times you can come to class, we have small group lessons and our schedules are often flexible.

Kóreska 1

23 Nov-23 Dec 2020

Mon & Wed 17:00-18:45 pm (1h 45 m x 10 classes), the schedule can be moved to fit schedules of students, please send us an email.

Price: 37.000 kr-

Kóreska 2

20 Oct-19 Nov 2020

Tue & Thu 19:20-20:50 pm (1h 30 m x 10 classes)

Price: 33.000 kr-

Kóreska 3
23 Nov-23 Dec 2020
Mon & Wed 6-7:45 pm (1h 45 m x 10 classes)
Price: 37.000 kr-

TOPIK test prep + intermediate grammar + bonus 1:1 talking practice 

Kóreska 4+ (intermediate-advanced)

To register, send us an email with your Full Name, Kennitala, Phone Number and Course Name at

koreska@esjaedu.com ✉️

GSM 785-0203 (Korean class inquiries only)

*Course schedules can change, please re-check the website before you come to the first class.

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Kóreska 1, Kóreska 2, Kóreska 3, Kóreska 4 and more.


All the basics you need to start learning Korean.

Basic polite/impolite endings (예요, -ㅂ니다/-ㅂ니까?)

Basic words/phrases (greetings etc)

Hangul (consonants/double consonants, vowels, badchim pronounciation)

Formal and informal pronouns (I, you, we, they, she, he), honorific suffix

Topic/object marking particles 은/는, 이/가, 을/를

Asking questions (where, when, why, etc)

Family, friends (오빠!)

Numbers, counters (명, 개, 마리, etc)

Time, date, weather, countries, colors, body parts, hobbies, jobs, animals, transportation, travel plants, directions, house/rooms 

Past tense & Future tense

And, or (과, 하고, 또는, etc)

Korean particles 들, -만, -밖에, 에서, 까지, 로, 도, etc


Emphasis words (adverbs)

Can do/cannot do, Good at/Not good at

-보다 to try


Need/Have to

To become -지다

Negation 안-

Present progressive 



Korean slangs

K-pop 101 words

Lyrics: BTS 피 땀 눈물, 곰 세마리, 우유송

...and more!

KÓRESKA 2, 3, 4

★ -세요 and other polite endings

★ -주다 do something for someone

★ 높임말 (드시다, 말씀하시다, 주무시다, 드리다...)

★ -라고 해요

★ -는데
★ -버렸어
★ -면서
★ -려면

★ ㄹ 때,

★ -나요?

★ Conjunctions 

★ Do you want to...

★ Shall we...

★ I want to...

★ Is it ok if... 

★ If... 

★ Even though... 

★ It seems... 

★ Because...

★ Negation -안, -지 않아요

★ I realize... 

★ must be... right?

​★ More counters

★ Korean Youtube Vlogs, K-pop lyrics, movie quotes and other entertainments

​★ Answering a call

​★ Ordering at a restaurant

★ fillers 

★ slangs

★ 애교 (aegyo)

​★ Swear words (for educational purpose only)

​★ and more!

To register, send the course name, your name and Kennitala at


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Listening to Conversations
Reading Stories
Advanced color expressions, flavor expressions
Korean Recipes
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