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Practical Mandarin Chinese

Learn to speak Mandarin Chinese and learn Chinese culture!

Instruction Language: English 

Instructor Mandy has many years of experience teaching Chinese language. 

Due to the current situation, Mandy is not in Iceland. You can start learning through online classes. 

Hagnýt Kínverska 1 (Practical Mandarin 1) 

Price: 33,000 isk (1.5 hr x 10 classes)

Schedule: contact us via email, we will find an available time/date for you.

Level 1:

Basic Chinese characters.

Mastering Mandarin Chinese pronunciation.

Greetings & Self-introduction.

Talking about family/work/weather/hobby/countries.

Ordering at a restaurant/cafe/bar.  Understanding food menu/grocery items.

Counting Numbers.

I want to, I have to, I love... expressions.

Current, future, past tenses. 

Have you ever, I have... dialogues.

Popular Chinese slang.

Chinese culture, tourists, geography tips.

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